Wild Nutrition Wet Diet is our philosophy of a complete and balanced limited ingredient meal that comprises more than 85% animal protein & green tripe. This is akin to the Whole Prey Diet that ancient dogs and cats thrived on biologically.

NUTRIPE is formulated using high quality meats and nutrient-rich organs, striving to closely mirror the whole prey diets of ancestral canines and felines. Each meal provides them with naturally nourishing nutrition so as to maintain overall health, vitality and wellness.

  • To fulfil our pets innate desire to feed on a high meat content, no/low carbohydrate diet

  • Similar to their wild ancestors, all cans are formulated to mimic the natural composition of a prey where limited ingredients are selectively chosen for each variant

  • Modern technology, ancient nutrition; In addition to our high meat, no/low carb diet, each formula has been fortified with vitamins, minerals and special ingredients to ensure a wholesome, complete and balanced meal

  • We believe in using only wild caught or free-roaming pasture-fed meat and ocean/river fishes from ethical and sustainable sources

  • No fillers, artificial preservatives and colourings​



  • Produced in our privately own and operated factory in Gisborne, New Zealand with the following certification:

    • Low Acid Canned Food Production

    • Hazard Analysis

    • Advanced HACCP

  • Small Batch production to maintain high quality and standards

  • Full traceability from raw materials -> production -> canning -> packaging

  • Strict manufacturing standards as all factories adhere to New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (NZMPI) Risk Management Programme (RMP) which is designed to manage biological, chemical and physical hazards. It also ensures the products are safe, suitable and truthfully labelled

  • All canned food is made using only BPA–NI (bisphenol-A non intent) cans which is commonly known as BPA-Free

  • GMO free

  • Free from bird flu and BSE