Is there BPA (bisphenol-A) in your cans?

All our canned food is made using only BPA–NI (bisphenol-A non intent) cans which is commonly known as BPA-Free cans.

Why are there black spots/patches within the 390g can? Is it safe to consume?

Laboratory results show that it is a case of sulphide staining. Sulphide staining is a natural phenomenon characterized by black stains in isolated areas, normally in the headspace region. Sulphide staining usually happens in canned food with high meat content or food with high protein levels. As all our 390g cans are cooked upside down, this explains the observation of dark stains at the bottom lid. Despite widely observed for many years, the chemistry reactions of this common natural phenomenon is not well understood. Although this may look undesirable from an aesthetic point of view, but in fact, it is not considered harmful when consumed. We are working closely with our cans supplier to find a solution to lessen the occurrence of this unsightly phenomenon. We will continue to observe the situation and with new measures such as keeping a high vacuum in cans, we are hoping that the issue can be resolved.

What are your production safety standards?

Our factory adheres to New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (NZMPI) Risk Management Programme (RMP) which is designed to manage biological, chemical and physical hazards. It also ensures the products are safe, suitable and truthfully labelled. The entire production process is fully traceable from raw material to finished product. In addition, our factory has the following certifications: •Low Acid Canned Food Production •Hazard Analysis •Advanced HACCP


Are the animals humanely raised?

The Animal Welfare Act 1999 in New Zealand is one of the most progressive and comprehensive animal welfare law in the world. In this act, animals must be provided for their essential needs such as proper and sufficient food and water, adequate shelter, opportunity to display normal patterns of behaviour, physical handling in a way which minimises the likelihood of unreasonable/unnecessary pain or distress and protection from any significant injury or disease. All our raw materials are bought only from ethical and sustainable sources.

Does NUTRIPE conduct animal testing?

We do not conduct caged animal testing. Our palatability trials (these tests are observational in nature and non-invasive) are only carried out (if necessary) in home environment.


Where is your canned food made?

They are solely produced in our privately own and operated factory in Gisborne, New Zealand where high production standards are set and maintain.

Do you use artificial preservatives or colourings in your canned food?

We do not use any preservatives or colourings in all our canned formulations. As canned food undergo a retort process which effectively kills all organisms that may cause the food to degenerate, the air tight cans are sterile and stable. It can be kept for a long time without additives and preservatives. Canning process in itself is a way of preserving food. Unless the integrity of the can(sealing of the can) is tested, canned food can generally be kept for a long time under proper storage conditions.

Can I solely feed my puppies/dog/kittens/cat with just NUTRIPE canned food?

Yes. All canned formulations are complete and balanced.

Where are your ingredients from?

All our meat and fruits are source locally in New Zealand except for kangaroo which we import from Australia. We use only wild caught or free roaming pasture fed meat and ocean/river fishes from ethical and sustainable sources. Vitamins, minerals and enhancers are globally source from countries such as Switzerland, Germany, France, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam etc.

Do you use hormones or antibiotics on the animals?

All our raw materials are GMO free. Antibiotics are used as and when needed, they are not used randomly or as a matter of normal procedure, they are very strictly enforced withholding times if they are used.


Proprietary blend of Salmon Oil, Green Lipped Mussel, Dried Kelp and Cranberries for a multifaceted approach to pet health care. This blend promotes healthy immune system, skin & coat, joints and balanced glandular function. In addition, it possesses anti-inflammatory properties and acts as an antioxidant against free radicals which cause cancer. Furthermore, it helps to prevent urinary tract infection and plaque build-up.


Proprietary blend of Goat's Milk and Salmon Oil, for a holistic approach to pets growth. This blend supports growth by promoting healthy brain development and immune system. In addition, it contains high protein and fat which is necessary for growth. Furthermore, it also aids in skin, coat and digestive care.

Tripe is meant to be green for the full benefits. In NUTRIPE canned food, is the tripe raw and mixed into the rest of the can?

Raw Green Tripe is added to every formula on top of other single meat ingredients such as lamb, venison, duck, goat, salmon etc. After filling and seaming (sealing the can lids), all the cans are cooked in the retort process. Canning in itself is a sterilization process which keeps the food safe for consumption for long periods.

What is the difference between puppy and adult dog formulas?

These are formulated to suit the nutritional needs of different life stages. Both Puppy and Adult formulas contain our proprietary blends of GROWTH PLUS and QUADROPLEX PLUS respectively.

How should I change my cat/dog diet to NUTRIPE?

Introduce NUTRIPE to your cat’s/dog's diet gradually to prevent any disruption to the digestive pattern. Mix 1/4 of Nutripe to 3/4 of your previous brand of pet food during the first week and increase gradually until NUTRIPE becomes your pet's exclusive diet. All our canned food are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO Dog/Cat Food Nutrient Profiles. Store all unopened NUTRIPE canned food at room temperature. Do not freeze. Refrigerate any unused portion.

Do you have cat food?

We are currently improving the formulas of our cat products. Coming soon!