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Professor Emeritus Nick Costa

Introducing Professor Emeritus Nick Costa, an industry leader in the field of animal clinical nutrition.

Graduated from The University of Adelaide with a Ph.D. in Agricultural Science, Professor Costa was appointed Lecturer in Biochemistry and Nutrition and moved on to become Head of the School of Veterinary Biology and Biomedical Sciences in 2000. NUTRIPE is proud to be affiliated and endorsed by a highly skilled professional, who has consulted at a multinational level in the pet food industry, successfully published author and co-authored over 150 scientific publications.

Professor Costa is a man who shares our passion and commitment to the health and well-being of our pets. Having a background in animal clinical nutrition, he identifies and understands why we do what we do, challenging us to try new things and approaches. A personality and attitude that works synergistically with our own, he brings exceptional knowledge and high expectations in advanced technologies, inspiring us to think more creatively and ultimately strengthening NUTRIPE to be the best we can be.